Kale, beetroot & halloumi salad

Kale is a great substitute for lettuce leaves in salads. Steam them for about a minute and then add warm beetroot, grilled halloumi and other goodies such as avocado, roasted pine nuts, red onion and cherry tomatoes. Just don’t add too many extras as they may spoil the three main ingredients.


There is plenty of kale under everything else!


Easter Chocolate Cake


Cooking is always better when done with a friend. This is a chocolate and orange flourless cake topped with chocolate ganache and Easter decorations from my flatmate. I added extra cocoa to make more of a dark chocolate cake. You can never have too much chocolate over Easter!



In 2013 my new years resolution was to cook a new Italian dish every week. The only requirement was that it had to be something I had not cooked before and had to be from an Italian cookbook or Italian cooking blog. This Easter I prepared some of my favourite Italian dishes for my close friends. Pleasure to share great food with great wine and great people!


Home cooked Italian from my Nonna’s recipes to Italian-Australian and Italian cooks. Can’t go wrong.


Ramen noodles

A variation on my first Japanese dish. I swapped chicken for white fish and prawns and used ramen noodles instead of vermicelli. The soup base is miso-soup. After bringing the miso to a boil I basically added all the ingredients on the plate into the pot and simmered for 10-15 minutes until the fish was cooked. Add a boiled egg at the end and serve straight away.Image 
Mix up your choice of vegetables and add tofu for extra flavour. Image 
Topped with bean sprouts. Simple and delicious.