Salt-crusted snapper

I’ve been looking at this recipe in a few Italian cookbooks for years. On the weekend, out of Sydney, near the beach in perfect weather I had my first attempt. The end result was delicious but I ran out of rock salt and had to use some table salt which wasn’t ideal so the crust was thin. However, it’s well worth the effort. Despite being baked in salt, the fish does not come out extra salty. Well worth the effort and will look impressive on the table – you should need to hammer the crust off to get to this fish!


Start with your favourite whole fish filling with lemon, garlic, parsley and other herbs.Image 
Cover with a good layer of salt (mixed with water & a little flour) to create a cement-like mixture. You can see how I have different salt-consistency because I ran out of salt. Something to improve on for next time!

Simple Italian cooking

Sometimes the best meals are simple ones shared with a bottle (or many bottles) of red and family. Image 

Here we have spaghetti with homemade passata, cooked with extra garlic and onion for more flavour.Image 

A celebration of life, happiness and great Italian food!