Pad See Ew

The best part of this dish is the fresh rice noodles. They are by far my favourite type of noodle. I came across this recipe years ago and have memorised it.


Substitute chicken for beef or firm tofu for vegetarians. I like to keep the vegetables to a minimum. On this occasion I have a carrot, onion and of course Chinese broccoli, including the stems, which in turn can be swapped for spinach or another leafy green vegetable.

Mushroom & gorgonzola risotto

The best risotto usually only has two key ingredients. Italian cooking is always simple and that’s why I love cooking it so much. This was my first time adding gorgonzola and it compliments the mushrooms nicely. The risotto also has a splash of thickened cream, another first ingredient for me. Topped with parsley and added parmesan if you like your risotto extra cheesy!


Salmon, kale & feta frittata

Salmon and eggs go so well together. Usually for a cooked breakfast I will go out but this morning it was raining, miserable and my flatmate and her friend were terribly hungover and in need of food. The key to a frittata is to be patient. Simmer the eggs on the stove top and then transfer under the grill for a few minutes to brown the top. There are so many variations you can do for a frittata. Be inventive and try something different yourself. This one also had mushrooms. Substitute the salmon for salami, chorizo or remove all together and add beetroot or potatoes for vegetarians. Guaranteed to please hungover friends and family.