Veal osso buco with saffron risotto

Osso buco is one of my favourite Italian dishes. It simply melts in your mouth but you have to be patient and slow cook it for hours. This one is veal which I believe is better than beef. It was slowed cooked for about 3 hours or so on a stove top with homemade passata and chicken stock. The saffron risotto compliments this dish nicely, it’s expensive but well worth it.IMG_5304

Lamb shanks

I have a lot of favourite dishes but for slow cooking this has to be one of the best.IMG_2764

Behind the tomatoes, onion and celery you can see the shanks. They have been slow-cooked for over 3 hours in red wine, chicken stock and diced tomatoes (in an oven as I don’t own a slow-cooker). You only need a few ingredients¬†to make this dish work as the slow-cooking does the hard work¬†for you. Once ready, the meat will literally fall off the bone… definitely worth the wait. Serve with mash potato or polenta if you are adventurous, and of course red wine.

Mixed meat stew

This stew is relatively quick to make compared to your normal slow-cooked dishes that can take hours. This one cooks in just over an hour and gives you a dish that is rich in flavour when your are time-poor. The stew itself is a mix of beef, pork and lamb, slowly simmered in homemade passata. Serve with polenta or have on its own with crusty bread.