Veal osso buco with saffron risotto

Osso buco is one of my favourite Italian dishes. It simply melts in your mouth but you have to be patient and slow cook it for hours. This one is veal which I believe is better than beef. It was slowed cooked for about 3 hours or so on a stove top with homemade passata and chicken stock. The saffron risotto compliments this dish nicely, it’s expensive but well worth it.IMG_5304

Cannelloni with braised meat

This dish was inspired by an Italian cooking show, Made in Italy, I came across the other day.


The photo doesn’t really show the dish however behind the crusted layer of sauce are rows of homemade cannelloni filled with mozzarella and veal mince. Making the pasta from scratch is time consuming but well worth the time. Practice makes perfect. Putting the cannelloni together was a lot harder than on the show! (funny that). Anyway, still delicious, and I am still amazed at how only a few simple ingredients make such incredible meals.


I’ll be honest, homemade gnocchi is a little time consuming and messy, however, making your own will always be better than packaged gnocchi from a supermarket. There isn’t much to gnocchi, potatoes, flour and an egg. Simple. This dish is served with homemade passata with mozzarella melted into the sauce for extra flavour. Serve with parmesan and enjoy!


Simple Italian cooking

Sometimes the best meals are simple ones shared with a bottle (or many bottles) of red and family. Image 

Here we have spaghetti with homemade passata, cooked with extra garlic and onion for more flavour.Image 

A celebration of life, happiness and great Italian food!

Homemade Passata

Homemade passata is an annual Italian tradition that I’ve only learn recently and one that I am keen to continue. Today we started with 150 kilo of tomatoes, 10 kilos of capsicum and ended up with about 120 bottles. We had a great batch of tomatoes. Tomato day is an opportunity to catch up with family and close friends and create something that can be enjoyed for the next 12 months before you do it all again. Finish the day with the freshest pasta sauce and a nice glass of red!

IMG_0825 IMG_0832 IMG_0852 IMG_0895